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Apartment Tour

Apartment Tour


I've been wanting to share a peek into our apartment, and what better time to do it than when we're two weeks from moving out (my procrastination is terrible). I've loved living here and it has been interesting and a great experience living with a significant other for the first time. It was fun decorating our place and we both spent months before we moved in planning how we would set everything. We went to Ikea about a thousand times and even started a joint pinterest board with our vision for the apartment. The best part for me were some of the DIY projects we did to make the basic furniture fit our style more.

I tried linking as many of the products as I could, but since it's been a year most things are no longer available. I did put links to similar items though! I hope you enjoy this peek into our home!


Dining Room & Kitchen

Table Top // Table Legs // Bench // Chairs // Chandelier // Sheepskin // Floating Shelves (Target) // Mask (Nigeria)


Place Mats (Nigeria) // Coasters ( Target) // Salt and Pepper Shakers (Target)


Plant Pots // Elephant (India) // Vase (India)


Blue Armchair // Coffee Table // Shelving Units // Side Table // Picture Frames // Lamp (Meijer) // Mask (Nigeria)


Picture Frames // Pineapple Decor // Candles // Mirror Tray (All from HomeGoods)


Wall Mounts for Records

Bedroom & Closet


Bed // Nightstand // Lamps // Yellow Armchair // Vanity // Stool // Mirror // Oil Diffuser // Acrylic Makeup Organizer // Mirror Tray (HomeGoods)


Hanging Closet Organizers // Dresser // Necklace Stand


As you can see the majority of our furniture/home decor is from Ikea, Target, HomeGoods or Amazon! I hope you enjoyed this peek into our home. What are some of your favorite places for furniture and home decor? You can comment below or find me on FacebookInstagram or email.

Thank you so much for visiting! 

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