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Week in Review: March 24th

Week in Review: March 24th


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Post of the Week

Apartment Tour

If you missed my Apartment Tour you can find it here! I've loved living here, and this next week is dedicated to packing up all our stuff and moving, which is not fun. I can't wait however, to decorate our new space and share it with ya'll! 


Beauty Finds

I am LOVING all my products from Glossier! They are gentle, super light, don't clog up my pores or break out my skin. They really stick to their motto "Skin First, Makeup Second." The texture of their products is super smooth and velvety. Glossier is a game changer! As someone who is super lazy when it comes to makeup, they're helping keep my skin bright and clear, but also give me a bit of glam when it comes to my beauty routine.

Boy Brow- The applicator looks like a mascara wand and it helps smooth and tame your brows so you look a bit more polished. For the days when you don't want to use an eyebrow pencil or haven't had time to visit your brow lady/gentleman.

Cloud Paint (I have Haze and Dusk) - This cream based blush is light but still super pigmented, especially in Haze!

Stretch Concealer- This concealer has a nice smooth waxy texture and like the name suggests it "stretches" with your skin so it doesn't looked caked on. It may not work for really dark under eye circles but provides a nice amount of coverage.

Generation G Matte Lipstick ( I have Jam and Crush) - Perfect for your casual everyday look. It goes on smooth like a lip balm and is "build-able" so you can choose the amount of color you want. If I want an extra punch of color I'll use my Sephora Lip Liner and layer on my favorite nude lipstick, bareMinerals Gen Nude in Scandal!

Super Glow- A concentrated serum with Vitamin C and Magnesium that helps brighten tired and dull skin. I apply a few drops to my face before moisturizing and it helps wake up my skin.

Get 20% off your order ANYTIME with my Glossier Code! (



Follow my 2017 50 Book Challenge, which in all honesty may become a 25 Book Challenge! I'm struggling ya'll! I think I overestimated my speed reading skills. As an English major there were points when I would be reading three of four books a week, at the same time. However, I am still reading Beloved by Toni Morrison, and will hopefully have an update of the first five books in the next week or two! 


Articles From Around the Internet



Get Out - I FINALLY saw Get Out last Friday night (I'm slow to seeing movies, okay!!!) and again I don't know why it took me so long! It was so freaking good, and sparked a lively hour and a half long conversation after the movie between Gabe, myself and our friend Danny. There was just so much to talk and think about and again just like Moonlight, a week later and I still find myself thinking about this movie at least once a day. It was incredibly well written, and not one minute of screen time was wasted, literally everything placed in the movie represented something. The casting was also superb; as a fan of the show Girls, Allison Williams, was a perfect choice for the role of Rose. It's a film that I know I will have to see again because I was so worried about being scared, (I am not a fan of scary movies) that I was tense the whole time and know I missed a lot of subtle, yet important details. Jordan Peele is a genius and all I can say is, you 👏🏾  have 👏🏾  to 👏🏾  see 👏🏾 this 👏🏾  movie! 👏🏾 


Blogger I'm ❤️️ Loving

Image via  Les Rebelles Squad

Les Rebelles Squad- Les Rebelles Squad is a fashion and lifestyle blog, run by Pooja, a British expat living and working as a stylist in Qatar, and let me tell you this woman has impeccable taste. She started the blog with one of her friends Tina, while they were both living in Kuwait. Her blog and instagram feed is a literal feast for the eyes! Her style is bold, full of color, amazing prints, and structurally very daring. She showcases some of her favorite spots around Doha, making me want to buy a ticket and fly there immediately. The blog is also a space for other fashion influencers/bloggers who Pooja calls "squaddies" to showcase their style, and come together as a community. You can find Les Rebelles Squad here and on instagram

image via Les Rebelles Squad 

image via Les Rebelles Squad 



Soft Surroundings has opened a location in Michigan at The Village of Rochester Hills! Though I'm not quite their target audience, I was invited to the store's sneak peek VIP event Thursday evening and had the best time! The store officially opens today and it is a beautiful space! For the Grand Opening, Soft Surroundings, is offering 15% off your entire purchase, plus complimentary beauty treatments, drinks, and treats for all guests! 

My mom has shopped the catalogue for years and is always impressed by the quality of their products. I was surprised to find they sell more than just clothing. There's a full selection of beauty and skincare products, jewelry, accessories, books, bedding and home decor, as well as wellness products! I picked up Bad Girls Throughout History by Ann Shen (as if I need more books!) as well as a mug for my mom. I also left with a nice swag bag full of beauty and bath products, as well as the softest, prettiest scarf! If you live in the metro-Detroit area you should definitely check them out, especially since Mother's Day is right around the corner! 


Throwback Post


What I'm Wearing: Sunflowers and Ankara

One of my favorite posts! My mom actually helped me style and shoot this look and it seriously makes me so happy to look back on because sunflowers are my favorite flowers and I love this ankara skirt! I can't wait for the weather to warm up so I can wear it again!


My Weekend

This weekend is going to be filled with packing and moving, which means I'll definitely need to be hitting my yoga mat to unwind.

What do you have planned for this weekend? You can comment below or find me on FacebookInstagram or email. I hope you have a fantastic weekend! 

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Week in Review: March 31st

Week in Review: March 31st

Apartment Tour

Apartment Tour