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Week in Review: June 23rd

Week in Review: June 23rd



My Week


This past week Gabe and I were in New Jersey and New York City! I had my second wedding dress fitting scheduled in New Jersey, with my future Uncle-in-law, Jean-Ralph Thurin. It's really hitting me that the wedding is just around the corner, and I can't wait to share all the dress details with you!

We spent Sunday night in NYC, and caught up with some friends and my cousin for dinner. We ate at Amy Ruth's in Harlem, which is a soul food restaurant, where the serving sizes are generous! They basically give you a whole chicken if you get the chicken and waffles. The food was delicious, and the company was fantastic. We spent the night at the Park Central Hotel, a comfortable, boutique hotel that is not too far from Times Square and Central Park. We spent Monday morning and afternoon exploring before our flight. Though Gabe has been to New York City every year of his life, and even attended law school there, he had never visited Central Park! We spent some time on Monday there walking around and taking pictures, even though it was so incredibly hot. 

All was good until we got to the airport. There was a intense storm that came out of nowhere and hit New Jersey, which just happened to coincide with bad weather in the midwest. Our direct flight out of NJ was cancelled, and the next flight we were put on (which stopped in Atlanta) was delayed for over six hours! It was miserable, we sat around at the airport and were put on standby for all flights leaving New Jersey for Atlanta so we could make our connection to Detroit. We did not arrive in Atlanta until 2am and missed our connecting flight, so we had to spend the night in a hotel. We were put on a new flight that left early the next morning (Gabe ended up missing work) so we ended up only sleeping for three hours. We finally got to Detroit that afternoon but we were both so exhausted. Despite this setback we both had a great weekend! 

    "The Future is Female" shirt is available from  Poppy Apparel  use code  segilola10  for 10% off! 

    "The Future is Female" shirt is available from Poppy Apparel use code segilola10 for 10% off! 


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Image via GQ


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Dr. Chioma who runs the lifestyle blog, A Bit of Chi, is fabulous in every sense of the word. Chi shares endless delicious, healthy recipes, how she stays fit and active, slays all her outfit posts (I mean check out those shoes above!), and she just earned her PhD in health communication! The "bits" of her life that she shares are inspiring! You can find Chi on her blog and on instagram



Follow my 2017 50 Book Challenge! You can find my updates and review of the first five books I read here! I will be taking a brief break from the challenge to study for an upcoming coding course that I am taking, but I will be back soon!


My Weekend


This is my last free weekend before my coding bootcamp to learn Front-End web development (JavaScript, HTML, CSS, jQuery, AngularJS, Node.js, NPM,  and AJAX / json). It's all very exciting, but also a lot to wrap your head around in the eight weeks the course will be taking place! I'm going to spend the weekend getting my hair done, going to my friend's bachelorette party, possibly finally seeing Wonder Woman, and then taking photos for the blog! 

What do you have planned for this weekend? I'd love to hear your plans! You can comment below or find me on FacebookInstagram or email. I hope you have a fantastic weekend! 


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Look of the Week: Red, White, & Black

Look of the Week: Red, White, & Black

Week in Review: June 16th

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