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Closet Tour & Review of Ikea Pax System

Closet Tour & Review of Ikea Pax System


Madewell Overalls // H&M Body Suit // J.Crew Earrings // Steve Madden Carrson Sandal


Gabe and I recently moved back in with my mom to save money for a downpayment on our future home (Yikes we're adults!) and so we took the opportunity to revamp my childhood bedroom. It's now a space that works well for both of us, and part of making it more comfortable was to make it bigger. We took out my walk-in closet and the hallway linen closet. With the additional space, we were left without a place to keep our clothes. That's where one of my favorite places on Earth, IKEA, came into play. IKEA offers many options for customizable closets and we felt that the Pax System was perfect for us. 


The size and layout of our closet gives us space so that we have one 78 3/4" wide frame in the middle, and two 39″ wide PAX wardrobe frames on either side. They are lined up end-to-end perfectly, with no gaps in between, leaving just a few inches between each end and the wall. The wall measures 12 feet in total. From floor to ceiling, we have 8 feet, which accommodates the wardrobes perfectly. The three PAX frames are connected together with no gaps in between.


Our closet with PAX wardrobes and KOMPLEMENT accessories

IKEA currently has two PAX wardrobe colors to choose from: white and black-brown. We chose white because most of our furniture for bedroom is already white, and it helps make the space look larger. There are endless options for customizing the interior of the PAX wardrobe frames – the accessories that we included in our design are:

The KOMPLEMENT Clothes rail (options white & black) in three size options. We have four total and each accommodates a large number of clothing if you have velvet hangers or even wooden hangers like the ones Gabe uses for his suits!


The KOMPLEMENT Drawer (options white & black) and available in six size options. There are two options for depth of the closet frames (3/4" or 7/8"), we chose the latter and and our drawers hold a large amount of clothing, including bulky sweatshirts and sweaters! We each have five drawers and they are more than enough storage for our underwear and folded clothes. Our drawers all have a soft close feature, that when pushed they automatically close and are super quiet!


KOMPLEMENT Divider for frame (options white & black) and available in size 19 5/8x22 7/8 " With the divider I created more shelf space for myself, since I don't have too many pants or bottoms that I hang. It also gave me shelves to put accessories like my purses and bags. These shelves have a decent amount of depth which makes it easy to keep things organized.


KOMPLEMENT Pull-out tray (options white & black) this tray is the perfect storage for my jewelry, and smaller accessories. IKEA offers different coordinating products to go with the tray such as the clear organizers pictured below, felt inserts, jewelry inserts and a glass shelf for better display of jewelry. Just like our drawers, this tray also has the soft close hinge attached. 


KOMPLEMENT Pull-out pants hanger (options white & black) Perfect for men's suit or dress pants. Gabe also uses his for his jeans and khakis. It pulls out easily and helps combat the bulk that usually occurs when both pants and tops are all on one rail. The hanger is super durable and moves easily on the track.


KOMPLEMENT Shelf (options white & black) and available in six different sizes. We utilized shelves in many parts of the closet, giving us more space to store things, and also breaking up where we hang and store clothing. We used the SKUBB Storage case, which is available in two different sizes, for the shelves at the top of each of the closets. They offer a good amount of space as I show in the pictures above & below, to store off-season clothing, linens, and even luggage! 


I would highly recommend the Pax System from IKEA. IKEA makes the entire process of planning very easy with their PAX Planner, which you can access at home or in the store! It allows you to create your custom closet to the specifications of your room and gives you a printable list of the products you have chosen for when you go to the store.

We shopped around before deciding on the Pax and the price of a custom PAX closet system is significantly less than most other custom closet systems, plus the quality of the material is much better for the price. 

It’s not difficult to put the PAX wardrobes and interior accessories together, though you do have to remember this is ikea furniture, so patience is of the upmost importance! It took Gabe and I about three days total to put everything together, which included having to return to the store because we got the wrong sizes of shelves. Some of the screws were missing too which was a bit frustrating, but overall it wasn't too bad to put together. It is definitely a two-person job! Lifting the shelves once assembled by yourself is a big no-no!


BONUS: We also utilized Ikea's home delivery option, so all the parts for the closet were delivered to our house, which was a complete lifesaver. The Michigan IKEA store charges for distance traveled, so it did not end up costing too much to have them delivered to the house. It also gave us piece of mind because both of our cars would not have been able to transport all the boxes!

Gabe and I are very happy with our PAX closet system (assembly time required aside!) I even suggested that my mom use the system when she updates her walk-in closet! The system is very sturdy and well-made, including the tracks that the KOMPLEMENT wood drawers, and pull-out pants hangers come with. The clothes rails and shelves are also pretty durable.


I hope you enjoyed this peek into our closet! I’d love to hear your experience of creating/organizing your closet! You can comment below or find me on FacebookInstagram or email.

Thank you so much for visiting! 

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